Bless me, father, it’s been a year since my last posting.

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If I can get the pictures up, and show you my newest hat, a black Dobbs fedora from Wallach’s that Ryan left behind and I grabbed in a tag sale rescue, you’ll get to see a picture of my ‘Stay on the Property’ hat.

George Miller, Sr, HS fraternity brother (and you can imagine what that means) asked me to write about Milt’s Pool Room in White Plains. George and I go back to our 15-16-17’s’ when we attended the same school together, finishing in 1964.

George and I spent/ nay, invested many hours up at Milt’s, officially the Court Recreation & Billiard Club down on Quarropas Street. George thinks Orawaupum, but I don’t.  And I think I’m right. It was here that we built our games, to become signifers of misspent youth. George, I guess, went off to Viet Nam. Because of my handicap, I went off to Univ of RI to major in TKE, band, and poker, ultimately departing college after 4 years w/o junior status. George came to URI one day to visit his older brother who was teaching Biology 101 at the University. He came up to the TKE house and surprised me one morning. we reminisced for awhile and George returned to the war. But that’s another story.

Milt’s was upstairs. I’ve never felt entirely at ease in a street level pool room. Not sure why. There was a frosted glass in the transom at what I recall to be 6 Quarropas Street and George says was Orawaupum St, that said Court Recreation & Billiard Club. Whether it said Members Only I do not recall. I think a membership (lifetime?) was a buck, maybe $3 dollars to keep the riffraff out. Anyway I joined up and was soon  an active member and frequent visitor to the Club. It occurred to me lately that perhaps Milt’s had moved from Court Street further downtown as Court became a city center for lawyers doing business in WP.

In fact, one night wen I was in high school, probably after 10:30 on  Friday, I decided I wanted to sneak down to Milt’s. With my cue in my had I exited my bedroom window and was headed along the rhododendron-draped side alley, when my kid sister, Barbara, pops her head out her window (she’s about 9 or ten) and asks me where I’m going?

So, that’s where I met George.

Let me try the hat trick. hey, I got the camera’s SD chip right in, very first try! Here goes It’s in!

With a Summit T-shirt, too!

With a Summit T-shirt, too!

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This one’s supposed to be good, too.

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Will check later – PBS commentators said this speech was outstanding.

A Fitting Salute

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60’s icon Jerry Garcia, in striped leather red-white-and-blue top hat photographed in the Haight in 1967. Keep on keeping on.

Eva Koehler from Wiesbaden West Germany c. 1979

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CLS: I had a job as a portrait photographer at the time, and dressed her up in my mother’s old 30’s stuff, before taking the picture in low light to simulate sepia tones. My brothers always referred to this girl as “Eva Braun.” Ha, ha.


Pub Golf Hat circa 1991

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Pub Golf Hat circa 1991

Some kinda trick photography, I guess, but Simon resurrected this old Pub truckers hat from the garage and now it’s in an undisclosed location in the Northeast.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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St Patrick's Day 2012


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